Learn How Music Works

The beginner's course to Music Theory, how to write your own chords and melodies, and understand your favorite music.

Become a Better Musician

Learn songs faster, improvise, and write your own music! Move beyond guitar tabs and sheet music and understand how music actually works.

Why Learn Music Theory?

85% of people that have taken music lessons at some point in their life can no longer play even one song from memory. Why is this?

Frankly, it's because most people are only taught to robotically read guitar tabs or sheet music. They don't understand how or why the music works, only when to play certain notes.

Music Theory is the missing piece that brings it all together. By understanding how music works, you'll be able to make sense of your favorite music, and even create your own!

Figure 1. Step Sequencer Tool from the Rhythm Lessons

Not Your Average Music Theory Book

Most Music Theory books seem to deliberately make music confusing and tedious. Cryptic notation, complicated rules, and an unintuitive vocabulary make sure of it.

This course is not like that. (If you've seen our free lessons, then you already know this.)

We've brought back the exploration that music is suppose to have. We've done away with reading sheet music, and instead provide you with tons of playable examples and instruments right in the browser.

Figure 2. Piano Simulator

What You Will Learn

  1. Learn the basic chord progressions that make up 90% of today's popular music.
  2. Understand what notes to use when playing a melody over different chords.
  3. Learn the underlying structure of Pop, Rock, and other genres.
  4. Understand why your favorite artists use certain chords in a song.
  5. Learn to recognize different chord progressions and intervals just by hearing them.

And much more!

Figure 3. Fretboard Tool for Guitarists

Much More Than A Book

Interactive lessons, playable exercises, virtual instruments, and many other musical tools allow you to truly explore new concepts.

Hundreds of Exercises

To really understand concepts, we've included hundreds of listenable exercises for you to work on.

Digital Instruments

Learning music requires experimentation. Do so with a virtual piano or chromatic tool from any lesson.

Ear Training

Being a great musician is as much about hearing as it is about playing. Tune your listening skills with Ear Training.

Take a Look Inside

We cover everything from the basics of sound to creating your own chord progressions. No prior Music Theory knowledge required.


  1. Introduction
  2. Fundamentals of Sound
    1. Sound Waves
    2. Harmony
  3. Scales
    1. Pentatonic
    2. Chromatic
    3. Note Naming
  4. Basic Chords
    1. Major & Minor
    2. Diminished
    3. Diatonic
    4. Relative Notation
  5. Keys
    1. Major Keys
    2. Minor Keys
  6. More Chords
    1. Seventh Chords
    2. Using Sevenths
  7. Chord Inversions
    1. Deriving Inversions
    2. Applying Inversions

Progressions & Melodies

  1. Introduction
  2. Melody
    1. Intervals
    2. More Intervals
    3. Consonance & Dissonance
  3. Chord Progressions
    1. Tension and Resolution
    2. Chord Maps
  4. Melody & Progressions
    1. Chords with Melody
    2. Melody with Chords
    3. Passing Notes
  5. Modes
    1. Deriving Modes
    2. Switching Modes


  1. Introduction
  2. Tempo
  3. Building Blocks
  4. Time Signatures
  5. Accents

Guitar Theory*

  1. Fretboard
  2. Octaves
  3. Pentatonic Patterns
  4. Major Patterns
  5. Major Chords
  6. Minor Chords
  7. Sevenths
  8. Progressions

*only in the Complete Package

Ear Training*

  1. Introduction
  2. Intervals
  3. Chord Progressions
  4. Tuning and Pitch

*only in the Complete Package

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The Essential Guide to Music Theory Course
Over 30+ brand new lessons to teach you all the fundamentals of Music Theory. It's what we've spent most of our time building (and it's great).

100+ Interactive Exercises
Really test your knowledge with interactive excercies following every lesson.

Virtual Keyboard & LightNote Instrument
Built-in virtual musical instruments that you can pull up in any lesson to test your understanding and experiment with the concepts.

Ear Training Package
Repeatable training exercises to teach you to recognize intervals, chord progressions, and more by ear.

Guitar Package
Apply each of the lessons to your guitar with an interactive virtual guitar and new content specifically for Music Theory for Guitar.

Interactive Chord Charts and Maps
To simplify your songwriting we'll give you interactive chord tools to help you quickly write songs in any key.

Webinar Lessons
Four 30-minute webinar lessons with Nathan walking you through the course and answering your questions. Three students per webinar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I hate the course?

If you don't like the course, we don't want your money. Email us within 30 days of receiving the course and you will get 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

I've never played an instrument before. Is this course for me?

Probably not. This course assumes you've spent some time playing an instrument (any instrument), even if it's just learning a few songs from tabs.

Which package should I buy?

That mostly depends on your budget. The Complete Package is the best, but the Essential Package still has all of the core ideas and principles.

How is this different than the free lessons on this site?

In this course we go into much greater detail, and cover many topics not covered in the free lessons. But if you haven't checked out the free lessons, you should do that too!

Will there be more lessons?

Yes! I add new lessons to the Course each month. When you purchase the course you'll have access to all new lessons at no additional cost.

What if I have more questions?

If you still have questions after reading this page you can email me and I will do my best to answer as quickly as possible.

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